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Healthy Aging: Telomeres

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes. Long telomere lengths are related to greater life longevity, while shorter lengths are related to many aging diseases. As cells divide, the telomere ends get shorter, and eventually, the telomeres are too short for cells to divide. Shortened telomeres are associated with aging cells that are senescent and the dwindling number of cells in vital organs. Again, both of these can add to age-related issues.

Lifestyle plays an important part in determining telomere length and in slowing telomere attrition.

Regular exercise and managing stress help you maintain long, healthy telomeres. Also, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a well-balanced diet fosters a strong immune system, protecting telomere length. Foods rich in antioxidants lessens oxidative stress and enhance telomere health.

Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption, as both can lead to shorter telomere lengths. Vitamins C and E and minerals magnesium and zinc may help in slowing telomere attrition.

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